1. ur face turns into pimple farm

2. u pop cny bak kwas like theres no tomoro

3. u resist the temptation to go on a shopping spree even tho charles and keith, ness and gg<5 are on SALE

4. everyone on the msn after 2am and before 7am are meddies

5. u get excited planning a trip over msn with ur frens at 2am

6. u end up watching tv cos books are wayyyy tooooo boring and u shudnt be out of the house

7. u catch updates on ur frens blogs almost immediately after they’ve blogged cos thats wad else u do besides date ur books everyday…

8. u end up with scratches and paper cuts on ur face cos u fall asleep while reading notes on ur bed FAR TOO OFTEN

9. suddenly even an email from the prof looks interesting

10. when ure so bored, u end up reading this:  http://www.medschoolhell.com/2007/04/24/101-things-you-wish-you-knew-before-starting-medical-school/

10.1. ure so bored ure even reading my post (hehe)